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Capable ™ Programme

The Programme at Krista

The CAPABLE ™ approach is a proven path for pre-school children to be educated in the New Education realm. The core of New Education is COMPLETENESS, which is to provide the child with intellectual skills such as those that may be acquired in a smart school environment together with an inculcation of life's golden values. More often than not, life's golden values are forgotten in today's world and it is only with the combination of these values and intellectual competence that a person can be truly successful.

The Krista Kindergarten network is the first and sole user of the CAPABLE ™ Programme in Malaysia in its pursuit of the goals of New Education.

The CAPABLE ™ Programme is a pre-school curriculum encompassing the rudiments of New Education consisting of Child Centred Learning, Academic Foundation, Practical Experiences, Assessment Provisions, Benevolence Inculcation, Learn To Play and Exploratory Endeavours.

The child in the CAPABLE ™ Programme will be directed and guided within the 4 main segments of preparatory groundwork for a successful lifelong learning process.