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krista school for kids
krista capable programme


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Krista Recognitons & Endorsements

  1. Listed in the Malaysia Book of Records for:-

  2. i. making 'The Biggest Hand-Made Nursery Rhyme Book'

    ii.making 'The Longest Painting by Children'

    iii. being'The Largest Kindergarten Chain'

    iv. producing 'The Longest Recycled Colour Pencil Replica'

    v. organizing 'The Largest Musical Performance By Special Children'

    vi . achieving 'The Biggest Collection of Art Pieces'(Pre-Schoolers)

    vii. completing 'The Longest Batik Painting Done by Children'

  3. A franchise registered with the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development Malaysia
    (now known as Ministry of Domestic Trade,Co-operatives and Consumerism)
  4. Received the World English Language League Award
  5. Received the SMI & SME Worldwide Network Business of the Year Award